An unforgettable adventure unfolded as young thrill-seekers, Ella (17) and Tegan Hemming (15), took on the iconic i360 experience in Brighton. This adrenaline-pumping descent from a towering structure was not only a test of courage but also a heartwarming effort to make a positive impact on the community.

The sister duo’s commitment reached new heights as they not only faced the challenge head-on but also successfully raised over £500 in support of the Sussex Community NHS Trust. Their dedication to improving healthcare is truly commendable, and the funds raised are poised to contribute significantly to important community health initiatives.

Eyerising International, a leading advocate for eye health, proudly sponsored the young adventurers. In addition to supporting their daring escapade, the sponsorship aimed to raise awareness for the treatment of myopia in children.

This thoughtful addition underscores the importance of addressing health issues, particularly those affecting young children, to build a healthier and stronger community.

Myopia, a condition where distant objects appear blurred, poses serious risks such as retinal degeneration, detachment, open-angle glaucoma, and cataracts, even in childhood. Eyerising International’s commitment to raising awareness aligns with its broader mission of advocating for eye health and well-being in the local community.

Kudos to all involved, from the organisers and sponsors who orchestrated this thrilling experience to the participants who fearlessly descended for the cause, and the supporters who rallied behind them.

This event transcends the thrill of the descent, leaving a lasting positive impact on communities and emphasising the power of adventure for a greater purpose.

About Eyerising International

Eyerising International is a leading advocate for eye health, committed to raising awareness about vision-related issues and promoting overall eye well-being. Through sponsorships, partnerships, and community engagement, Eyerising International strives to positively impact global eye health.

About the i360 Experience

Drop 360 is Brighton’s most exhilarating thrill. Lean back and put all your trust in the rope as you hang off the side of the i360 pod. It’s 138 metres down, but there’s no way back as you slowly descend to the beachfront below, surrounded by the best views in the city. A heart-stopping adrenaline rush that’s sure to stay with you.

Beyond the thrill, this experience also serves as a platform for individuals to positively impact their communities through fundraising initiatives.

About Sussex Community NHS Trust

The Sussex Community NHS Trust plays a vital role in supporting healthcare initiatives within the community. Funds raised by the sponsors and participants will contribute to important projects aimed at enhancing healthcare services for the benefit of all community members.